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Smart indoor navigation integrated in online inventories. Compatible with phones, tablets and hands free devices such as AR glasses.

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Maintenance free smart panels, hands free instruction manuals and blueprints, automated 3D models and smart digital twins measurements.

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Location-Based Advertising, Indoors Navigationn, Virtual Tours and Tracking technologies for employees and for visitors. 

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Monitor the work of your employees and ensure that tasks and routines are being followed. No longer rely on supervisors.

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Machinery operation

Replace bulky and expensive control panels with our cheap and maintenance free
smart panels.

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Tracking & Security

Monitor the location of workforce, security professionals and third parties, avoid security issues and espionage.

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Construction & Engineering

Easy and fast 3D scanning indoors and outdoors, with 99% accuracy, and smart measuring tools. Avoid human mistakes.

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Our team will do the rest of the work.  Don't bother about anything else. It's really that simple!

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Direct contact information:

 Main phone line: +47 ​​55320000

 Inquiries and Information: info@

 Sales phone line: +47 ​90817527

 Technical Support phone
 line: +47 ​46895371

What are you waiting for?

Direct contact information:

 Main phone line: 
+47 ​55 32 0000

 Inquiries and Information: info@

 Sales phone line: 
+47 908 17 527

 Technical Support phone line: 
+47 468 95 371